Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Catch me, reel me in and clothe me,
I have been swimming naked and cold, in these waters for too long.
They've stripped me, taken all I have and now I'm caught in the rapids.

But You will not abandon me to the grave,
Your words are sweet and Your saving hand is gentle.
You are quick to save me. Because you knew.
Rising from the ashes with eyes of fire, You opened the Kingdom for sinners

I ran, scared, my heart continues to jump endlessly.
Who Am I?
Who Am I?

You met me at my hiding place.
Your mercy held me down, Your love consumed me, and I was set free.

This new creation I am, free to dance on your hilltops.
Free to be embraced by the Creator of the Heavens.
I laugh; joy has spread to my heart and sorrow will not overtake me.

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