Thursday, 5 June 2014

Teen Pursuit Week

Hey everyone! It has been an eventful week at TBC!

The campers came in on Monday morning. We had about 40 (ages 16-19). This was the day I was sick so I wasn't really aware of much that was going on that day. But in between pukage I snuck a peek out the window, and when I was done being sick I walked around the camp to see what was going on. The campers were all very lively and many of them are long-coming TBCers who knew what to expect for the most part and were eager to get started. Some were shy and needed encouragement to join in the fun.
We have had many chapels this week (which a lot of the campers love the most, praise God!) and introduced our speaker for the week James O'Lawby (I hope I spelled that right). He did an amazing job. As mentioned before the theme is IDENTITY, so this week James has been saying 2 sermons a day, one at morning chapel, and one at evening chapel. So far the topics have been: Recognizing Lies, Forgiveness, Who is God?, Interpretating Scripture, Not of the World... etc. At each chapel we also have Praise & Worship, as well as a testimony shared by one of the staff/counsellors, followed by a game of some sort.
Like I said, my job was on work/kitchen crew this week, so I've cleaned my share of dirty dishes, and scrubbed my share of dirty toilets where everyone has been sick in. Yes. I was in yellow rubber gloves, germicide in one hand, toilet brush in the other. It was quite hilarious. We clean all the bathrooms twice a day, and the cabin who fails cabin inspection has to clean the bathrooms again. We also work outside doing landscape, gardening, trash burning, raking, etc etc. This Sunday I will be a Counsellor for the following week and I am looking forward to that! This week has been very good, even though the jobs weren't my first choice, God really taught me a lot about humbling myself to serve others, doing the jobs that may not be recognized or seem as 'important'. Plus kitchen staff get to eat first. Kidding.
We spent the entire day across the lake yesterday. All of us are red lobsters. We swam, got pulled on a water tube, went ropelling down the side of a cliff (IT WAS SO FUN AND I HOPE I SPELLED RAPELLING RIGHT!), the activity was Survivor where each team had to build a shelter out of nature and have an active fire, boiling water, and a the ability to cook an egg using limited resources. (basically a bucket). Today was TAC (Team Adventure Challenge). Each team had to build their own shelters, and then there was a paintball war. The first shelter to go down and have all the opponents shot won. I can't wait to play that next week when I am a counsellor.
Tomorrow the teens head off for Trail Camp, where they camp out in the wilderness with the bears for 3 days while work/kitchen crew stays behind to ready the camp for newcomers on Monday. On Saturday we will hike the mountain which takes about 12 hours total. I will be exhausted but I am so excited for this opportunity!

That is all I guess to update for now..... I will see all of you lovely folks in 2 weeks! God Bless!

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