Monday, 3 June 2013

Habamba Village

Hey everyone! So it has been a while since I have gotten the chance to blog. We went to the village. It was literally a couple hours off a main road and into the wilderness. We finally stopped driving down the bumpiest, most steep trek I have ever been on, when the moon was out and there were a few tiny huts on the top of a hill. We set up our tents and had some fellowship by the fire with some of the people who lived there. For three days we ate Nshima, goat, chicken, and sweet potatoes. Did I mention that they were goat intestines? Oh it gets better. It was a goat that they slaughtered that same day themselves,  only hours before we ate it. Yup. It was grand. lol They were very surprised that we all did not want to see the slaughter actually occur. And after spending many days with goats, I concur that they actually sound like screaming humans. I cant tell you how many times I have mistakened a goats sound with a crying baby or a screaming human. We were taught how to carry water on our heads. The lady that was going it was actually carrying water on her head, holding a bucket of water, and a baby on her back while we climbed a steep hill for 20 minutes..... yeahhh. I almost got charged by a bull, and everybody laughed as it chased me around the village as I screamed as loud as I could. A guy actually had to intervene. So praise the Lord that I was not killed by a bull. We used a hole in the ground for going to the washroom, the starving dogs broke our heart, but it was an amazing experience. We were emerged in the zambian mountains and woke up to the hills coming alive with colour, the sky always a cloudless blue. I lost my memory card but bought another so I lost about a week of pictures so I am still praying it shows up. I got up early one morning and went outside, half of the sky had a bright full moon and stars and the other side had the sun peeking over the horizon. It was the most bizarre, amazing sight I have ever seen. We then packed up, tore out of the village, bumping our heads on the roof of the car and proceeded home. I am no longer afraid of snakes, I have just come to the conclusion,  if I see one I am dead no matter what so I may as well not worry about it. hahahhaha okay not funny. See ya!

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