Monday, 3 June 2013

Life Skills Week in Kazandula

So this was the week we travelled to a village and stayed there for a week while we taught life skills. It included teaching the youth about family, communication, self-worth, romance, relationships, sex and hiv. Sometimes we did not get a good turn out but we continued to trust the Lord. While we were there, thevillagers spread around that we were a group of Satanists and were harrassed for a couple days, and nobody showed up for our lessons. This was very discouraging and scary, as we were amongst many who did witchcraft, and practised other things that are not godly at all. Our lastday was the best, we had a lot of students, I shared my testimony, and there was alot of net ball. It was so much fun. The kids love it, and would kill themselves laughing watching us to try to fit iin with their culture.  I can't talk for long so I will try to post again sometime this week. One thing to be praying for, I had to come off my malaria medication because I had a severe allergic reaction to it. My skin was in so much pain and I couldnt stop itching, it was for  hours I had to lay down pouring water on myself and just crying because of the agony. So I am off of it and there isnt really much more I can do than wear bug spray so please pray that God protects me , I know he will. WhenI am on medication for malaria, I cannot participate in ministry so I know that God will honour this decision to sacrifice my health for the good of others. I hope that you pray that God gives me wisdom and discernment in this area of my life, so I go forth wisely. The church service yesterday was amazing. I got to run the youth program at Dorothy and Luckys church with a few girls, and we had a blast. Saw a lot of familar faces and they have all grown so much. They remembered me too. Lou Lou was there and I put together a video for Jeremy from last years team because he loved her so much!Anyways today is our first day off since we got here, so we are just relaxing. We just got back from life skills week yesterdayand we had a canadian campfire with everyone and introduced them to smores hahah! they loved it!  When we got home after eating zambian food all week, Dorothy had made us hamburgers, potato salad, watermelon, pumpkin cake and wonderful canadian food ahhaha! It was a wonderful break.

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