Thursday, 23 May 2013

Almost to the Village and Life Skills Camp

Hi everyone so I thought I would blog one more time before we go to the village for a few days as well as the Life Skills Camp we will be teaching at next week. I won't have access to any internet for a while. So I wanted to thank you all who have been praying for me and the team. This weekend we will be staying in Lucky's village, where he grew up, in huts and experiencing Zambian life at its core! Then we will be travelling 3 hours and staying in classrooms for one week, camping out with the youth and teaching about life skills, such as AIDS awareness, family life, self esteem, sex, love, all along the lines of what these things look like in the eyes of God. We as a team would really like it if you guys could be praying to soften the hearts of the youth we will be talking to. Their promiscuity is very hidden but over 3/4 of the classrooms are sexually active, and the ages we are dealing with are from 13-18. Most of them start young. A lot of them just dont know where else to go because here the boyfriends pay for school, food and clothing alot of the time as long as sex is involved in the relationship. Anyways we are here to reach out and help them understand godly principles and encourage them to follow it. We will be sharing testimonies about our struggles along these lines to help them relate and understand they are not the only ones going through this. So yes, they are full of knowledge about scripture, they know their bible better than we do, which makes it hard to make an impact because they dont get the commitment part or take it to heart because they think they are a christian already, when they do not walk in the Lord. I apologize for any grammatical errors, I am short on time, but thank you all so much for loving me! Please pray that I would not have anxiety while staying at the village because we will be out in the wilderness on open grounds, where lots of things like snakes and rats and such are not rare. haha. Yes thank you!  The only thing we as a team have found difficult working together is the showering. There is not always water pressure, so alot of the time it cuts off when you are standing there with a soapy head, and you are forced to wait until it comes back. Sometimes only half of us get to shower before there is water again. lol So we arent dying, but standing under cold water with soap in your hair and then having it turn off is not the most enjoyable experience hahaha. Especially because we are very dirty from the sand everywhere. Peace!

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