Monday, 20 May 2013

From Toronto to London to Lusaka

Hey everyone! So it has been quite the time getting here, all flights about 9 hours, and no time to rest with a 10 hours waiting time on Sunday before our flight to Lusaka. I am not tired or jet lag at all. Praise God. He has answered my prayers 100%, I am not anxious of anything, completely peaceful and healthy. When I stepped off that plane, the African air hit me and I got so giddy! Seeing everyone again has been such a joy, and EVERYONE remembers me which is such a blessing! I was afraid they wouldn’t haha. But anyways when Niza (Lucky and Dorothy’s baby) came in on Dorothys back and Lucky, Dorothy and Steve were all there I just couldn’t hold it back anymore! I started crying (I have only cried twice including this time because of happiness. The other time was when Brenna and Pip got engaged :P) They came and embraced me and Steve was like “Did you forget me!?” because I didn’t see him come in, and wasn’t expecting to see him! Praise God! I jumped into the car with Dorothy, new baby and Lucky and it has honestly been the best day I can think of during these past few months. Lucky kept touching my hand and saying “So happy you are here, so beautiful!” and Dorothy and I just sat in the back of the truck for hours having god talks and praising God for all he has done for hours as we drove to Choma. Niza is the cutest thing ever and finds my wallet rather amusing. I have a camera that flips up so you can see yourself and he laughs at his image on the screen, causing some pretty good pictures as a result! He loves being held and walked around which is fine by me! When we got to Choma I went grocery shopping with Dorothy, and met Lucky’s nieces Purity and Sarah, who will be living with us as well. Anyways there is tons more to say, so many laughs have been shared already. Dorothy and Lucky are so inspiring and just amazing people. But I have to go, hopefully I will be able to post a few pictures soon! I thought I saw a snake on our bed and screamed and sent everyone running out of the room screaming. Including Jibb. When they realized I was screaming because of a rather long ribbon, we were all collapsing with laughter.  Lol Anyways, great day! More to come, love you all! And Mathew Steven Wood, I have not forgotten about you! Love you and can’t wait for you to see this beautiful country if it be God’s will one day! Peace!

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