Tuesday, 21 May 2013

An Update

Today, we met up with the peer educators we would be working with for the rest of the trip. I knew weekend we will be staying in a village in huts with Lucky’s family, and learning more about the culture. After we plan to camp for one week with the Scripture Union peer educators and all of the teens we meet during our teachings at school. We will be going into different classrooms for the next few weeks, as well as going back to the same. I am very excited to go and teach to the children. At one point we will be speaking to an entire school about the gospel, both to Christians and people who have not yet heard or accepted Christ. As far as health goes, the team is doing very well. No one is sick, and emotionally everyone is stable. Dorothy has asked each one of us one thing we have always wanted to do in Africa, and is doing her best to make it happen. Whether that be getting our hair braided, seeing elephants, and for me, she is trying her best to get me to Esther, Gambo and their mother in Mongu. This would be a miracle if I could see them again, they mean very much to me, and I really want to show them their worth and return to them, showing that they are loved and worth returning to. I want to be a vessel for Christ to show them they are not forgotten. Anyways please pray for that, because they are 12 hours away from me and it will be quite challenging to arrange! Niza is so adorable and loves it when I walk him around anywhere. He is almost walking, but afraid to fall so every time he feels unsteady, he starts to cry. Haha He is ten months today, and loves all the attention we are giving him. It is amazing being back here, and it feels so much like home. God is sustaining me and has filled me with peace, no anxiety or nausea, no stomach problems, no pain. I feel healthier here than anywhere else! Which is wierd. Today we ate Zambian food. Nshima, tomato sauce, lettuce, and chicken. It was so good, and I didn’t realize how good I had gotten at eating with my hands until I looked around and everyone’s hands were soaked in food and tomato sauce, while mine were squeaky clean. I had to laugh, because that was me last year. Today we played volleyball and all the neighbourhood kids came to watch. They gave lots of hugs and loved their picture being taken. Anyways I have to go, blogging is pretty much the only  contact I have because the internet is slow and if I were to visit every website, it would take a lifetime. Haha love you all, thank you so much for your prayer support. If any of my old Zambia teammates are reading, I made a video of Niza and tried to get him to say hi to Dave and Hilary, but after no response I gave up. I am hoping to get more videos made this year. 

Ps. Sorry for any spelling mistakes, it really bugs me that they are there but the keyboard is sticky and I don't have time to fix it!

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