Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Magnificently pulled. Like every thread tugged loose from a quilt, a blanket that holds warmth. You strip me of colour, of glamour, of shelter. My soul surfaces, like a new born babe. I see what I am. Beneath all of that I pull up around me. You cry, “Take it all down, let the world see”. But I hide, shaking beneath these walls built of straw, easily set on fire. I glow with fear. But You, You smother the fire with sand from the beach. Smoldering I sit naked in my ashes. Becoming a confinement of my own fear. And as You reach to shake me free from the hauntings of my heart and mind, slowly, the serpent creeps, and I feel the tongue of Satan in my ear. Whispering lies of false promises. Trembling, I rise, as your sun-kissed grace touches through to my soul and I stand in the dirt that I have roused all around me. Chained to the floor you release me, set me free, high, flying in the clouds. My eyes taste the blue in the sky and the oceans that are sprinkled with white foam. Submerging into the water, deeper and deeper I go. Swept away by your intimacy and overwhelming love. You clothe me. And I, once the naked girl hidden beneath her ashes, have become royalty. 

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