Sunday, 11 May 2014

More (Still Editing)

There's always going to be that last pound. There's always going to be that someone you're trying to forget. I find that the hardest part of life is to be happy, because temporary things can give us please, but that is not the same thing as happiness. Maybe I'm missing it but I have yet to experience long lasting happiness. But I think that's the lie about life. You will find things worthwhile, and God gives you purpose that motivates you to fight, but until the End, there will be never long lasting happiness. I'm sitting outside at night by white Christmas lights and a summer breeze, my most favourite atmosphere. It should be perfect, I should feel happy. But,  I'm missing someone. I feel sad. How does that make any sense at all? Sll my physical senses are being met, but doesnt that say something about life? About God's existence? It has to be more than a physical world. If it was then awhen all our physical needs are met, we would be satisfied. Who cares about moral or emotion. How can we yearn and long for something that doesn't exist? You could say that people yearn to do evil things, and evil things are not right. (For example if someone yearned to kill another to make things 'right', that 'rightness' from killing someone doesn't exist.) My response would be that that person is not truly yearning for the thing they think they are. For example that murderer yearns to kill someone specific, but in reality he is just yearning for attention, love.  Most who commit crimes are yearning for love, for God who is the foundation of everything, without it, things fall right through the cracks, not lasting for very long at all. So if I were just living in a physical world, self-created, then, by my physical needs being met, I would not feel this way. However, if I were designed, then there may be parts of me that are not just physical that need to be paid attention to. That is how I can sit here in physical paradise, and be miserable, missing someone deeply, because none of it is worth it without love.  There's gotta be more than the physical... right?

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