Friday, 2 May 2014


"We can't always change things". Now, I know what you're thinking,  'Totally cliche!", right? Well, yes, but I think this is one of the many phrases that we recite, and rarely believe. I mean, to believe in something you have to actually establish it within your lifestyle, and live accordingly to said assertion. Just like, "Friends are more important than money!". We say it all the time, and yet we tend to put 10x the amount of hours working than we do investing in others' lives. I could continue with"Practise what you preach!", but no one wants to open up that can of worms, despite how important it is to address this issue.
The point of this is, that cliches are annoying. We all want to be original, nobody wants to be caught with jargon that has been said numerously over the past few years, we want to come up with our own thing, our own truth. When people use things like 'live, laugh. love" we laugh at the tackiness, but in reality, isn't it great to be able to live, to laugh, and to love? We laugh at the cheeseballs who use these statements, when in reality, wouldn't we be better off if we actually did follow them? If we did believe in them?
What if we did "practise what we preached", "lived, laughed, and loved", understood that it really does "take one to know one"? I'm not saying all cliches are true, but some definitely are, and the fact that they aren't fancy enough for us, makes us turn our faces away. The emotional simplicity is too much. Because if our significant other (or someone we wished to be our significant other) truly loved us "forever and always" is too good to be true. It really is a beautiful thing. Cliches are beautiful, aren't they? I mean these phrases are one of the few things that most of the world agrees to be true, and yet we are so quick to dismiss them. They float around, and are recited, not believed. Like most of the truth we hold in our hearts. So the next time we hear, "You don't know what you have until it's gone" or "Love your neighbour as yourself", instead of dismissing it like it's something you already know, maybe we should actually believe it.

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