Wednesday, 12 February 2014

This Day

Everyone has it, a bad day. Today is a day for feeling like an idiot. Just when you think you can't embarrass yourself any further, you surprise yourself. What is it within us that drives us to push more and more until you hit recklessness and self-destruction? I'm exhausted, I just want to rest. Crying would even be good. But there's a restlessness in my heart that picks me up and carries me around. Its a daily battle against what my heart tells me to do. Whoever said 'follow your heart' needs serious help. Your heart is the most deceiving thing ever. Follow your brains, and the Lord. Your heart is capable of displaying true emotion which is great, but it can also be the distributer of lust and pride, which definitely cannot be trusted. If you are a christian, you have heard it all before, "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak." It's true we are all wanting to do good, but our fleshly desires take us elsewhere. Hold tight, especially during the days where you feel all over the place. There is no struggle that is not common to man.

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