Wednesday, 20 November 2013

You and Him

Wonderfully, carefully and purposefully made am I?
My veins carefully intertwined and placed specifically.
Emotions sporadic, intentionally so, you’ve designed me that way.
For you.

Eyes coloured blue and hips formed like an hourglass. 
Just for you, you say. In chaos and stillness, all for you.

Toes, plump like peas on feet that can walk, 
They feel the soft sand in the summer, 
And plush carpets in the winter, seated in front of a blazing fire.
A warm embrace for you.

Light brown hair tossed intentionally here and there.
And for him, you say, just for me and him.
Skin soft like satin, white like snow, 
Only for him to touch and enjoy.
For you and him.

Heart locked with a key, kept for a waiting soul
I have a scent, whom no one else possesses
Only smelled when you know me well.
Just for you and him.

Melodies leave my lips, created and sent out,
Heard by those who choose, but dedicated to you and Him.
You and Him

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