Wednesday, 20 November 2013

What is Marriage?

Marriage is one of the most powerful vessels for God to work his refinement and love through.
Marriage on earth should use God's love for the church (his bride) and how the church should love him, as a template and inspiration.
Marriage is a life commitment to unconditional servanthood and love towards the other.
Marriage expresses God's desire for oneness in a relationship.
Marriage illustrates the trinity, united as one, but being separate beings.
Marriage is a glimpse of Eden, viewing the other as the only other in the world to be attracted to, to pursue, to love. A bond not disrupted or corrupted by the world or anything the enemy brings against it.
Marriage is sacred, and should be protected.
Marriage is hard. It brings out the worst in people, but also refines, making one's weaknesses their strengths.
Marriage involves perseverance and determination.
Marriage is the beginning to family. It comes first, before little bundles of joy join their parents unfailing love.
Marriage is love and respect.

Marriage is worth waiting for.

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