Wednesday, 13 November 2013

My King Speaks To Me

My Father Speaks to Me:
Let it go child. Let go of the hurt, the pain, and just let me love you. I want to pull you into my heart and surround you with my steadfast and perfect love. Sacrifice these things for me daughter. I know you are weak. But my grace is enough. I will tuck you into the abundance of blessings I have for you. Each labelled with your name. Especially for you and no one else. Let me have it. Echo my love to the broken , love and cherish the lost. I am for you. Your heart is cloudy. Let me wash it clean.

Here it is! Take it! Take everything. Lord I am so frustrated! My head is saying take it all. I can't seem to change my emotion. My head seems to surrender but my heart is in knots! Lord please loosen me. Take this weight off my chest! Lord I know you hear me. What do I do! How can I please you?! Just tell me what to do!

My Father Speaks to Me:
Just be silent my darling. Be still my love. Let me work in you. Rest. Rest in me. Rest your feet. Rest your thoughts. Rest your heart. Know my comfort and my joy. Pour your tears and your pain unto me. Release all of your fears on me. Let me take them.

Take them! Take them! Lord I don't get it. What am I not doing?!

The Father Speaks to Me:
Hear me. Cherish me. Love me. Rest in me. Be still my love. Be still.

Wait, don't go yet!

I haven't gone anywhere since before you were born and all the days before it. My eyes are always on you.

Wait, and talk to me Daddy. I'm so lonely. Lord I am tired of this.

Don't worry, I am here. I'm so happy you are my daughter. You love others so much! It makes me so happy.

I feel like I'm not enough right now. I feel that no man will love me or want me.

You know that isn't true. Trust your head right now. Your heart is broken. Beautiful that isn't true, even if it was, I still love you and I want you fiercely.

Me: I love you.

Daddy: I love you too.

Me: What should I do right now.

Daddy: Pray for _____________.

Me: Okay.

Daddy: Now  __________.

Me: Okay

Daddy: I love you my child.

Me: I need You.

Daddy: I'm here. I delight in you. You are my love. I will never stop pursuing you. No matter what you do.

Me: Can we still talk when I go back to work?

Daddy:  You need to start reading for your paper thats due soon. But don't worry I am watching over you and I am talking to you always. We will talk again later tonight. But I am working on your heart always.

Me: I don't think I am ready to let go.

Daddy: I know. It's okay, I'm working on it. Find your reassurance in me.

Me: I'm scared.

Daddy: Don't be my Love.

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