Sunday, 6 October 2013


God has been teaching me a lot about his love for me. Not for his love for my work, relationships, or how I do good to please him. But he invites me into his presence. How did I to this place in my walk? I have no idea. A friend gave me a book called "Captivating" and the Lord took me from there. If you are a guy I would suggest reading "Wild at Heart" by Staci and John E. Captivating completely turned me upside down. God completely broke through to me. He used to be Father, now he is Daddy. He used to be distant but now, I hide underneath his loving arms. It is insane how deep God made us, and I never knew until He searched me, and showed me things about me that are so so deep. I don't even know how to explain. God is deep. lol. Anyways, I love my heavenly Daddy! I am alive in him!

Original Work by Sarah Rhodes. copyright

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