Wednesday, 15 May 2013


A heart beats inside, safe from the cruel,
A gentle drum pat.
A protective hand on your home, to block the cold,
A warm blanket wrapped tightly. 

How tragic is the way you will go, goodness will be scarce.
Like an hourglass tipped upright,
Now innocent are you.
But He cries,  knowing your choices, the path you will take.
You have no choice but to live and die.
And die you shall. And quite intentionally rightly not live.

Blinded, as if you have chosen someone to eternally cover your eyes,
Causing you to stumble in all your ways, never satisfied.
How sad, like filling a pocket with holes. 

For now, you are inside. With a quiet drum-like heart.
To stay, stay inside, you would have hoped.
The tragedy awaits your fallen choices.
Still the world will bump and twist you about,
Pushing you to one thing and the next,
Like a relay race, that continues long after exhaustion hits.
But when you reach the end of the race,
You are going to wish you slowed down

Like an hour-glass are you.
How tragic, how sad.
Now innocent are you.
Tell me, wouldn’t you rather just stay?

Original work by Sarah Rhodes. copyright

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