Sunday, 3 February 2013

From the Father to my Heart

Relentlessly taste the joy,
The joy that moves you,
The joy that whether you know or not, motivates you. Changes you.
My fingers crafted you and all your 'imperfections' as you say.
Oh Daughter, how I delight in you.
Eyes blue, reflecting the vast expanse of rich blue oceans,
Full of questions, some things discovered and treasured or disliked
Some have yet to be found.
Your eyes are the impossible trek down to the ocean floors,
They are the window to which the most sacred intricacies are held.

                                    I placed them there.

Come away with me. I will crown you with purity,
And clothe you with warmth and kindness.
I delight in you- I gave you the sunshine to soak in,
The green grass to lie in, and the sparkling stars to gaze upon on warm summer nights.

You, the shape of an hourglass, hidden, unique.
Not symmetrical, yet still perfect, simply because it was I who created you.
Some tell you, it's a defect, but I say differently.
The God of all ages says differently.
Just how the count of ribs you received from me was planned,
I traced you like a sketch, perfected with colour and splashes of freckles,
Not unlike delicate sprinkles of paint.

Abstract you are, whom no one quite understands
Like all my creation, the human mind will never discover completely,
And because they don't understand, some dislike, they hate and shout malice.
They turn away because their lips produce no answer.

And as the soft breeze blows, I call out in the stillness
Away from the world, away from the destruction, and the pit of lies,
Where society has settled in, flee

 Come to me, I delight in you.

original work by sarahrhodes copyright

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