Saturday, 23 November 2013

Kingdom Eyes

I pray every day that God would give me kingdom eyes. I desire to look at everything with godly lens. Imagine the hurt we would avoid if only we looked to Christ alone, if we completely understood constantly that God really does work EVERYTHING to our good as long as we belong to him. (Romans 8:28) If we did, we would not only be emotionally freed from anguish and rejection, but we would PRAISE God for the very trials that we experience. We would praise God during the good times because we know God has even greater things than we are currently experiencing. Kingdom eyes completely transform the way we live and our attitude towards everything. We would be so close to the Lord, and serve with all our hearts that would be overflowing with God's love. Thankfulness, and adoration would always be our motives, never selfish because we would be continually acknowledging God in every victory and his sovereignty in every trial. Left by a boy/girl? Be grateful that the Lord is bringing you someone BETTER! Rejected by your parents? Be thankful that GOD is you Father first and foremost and will fill that void, maybe pulling you in closer than anything you had ever experienced before!! The Lord is near! Take heart, and pray for Kingdom Eyes. I am nobody to claim righteousness in this area. This is where I struggle the most, but that is why it has become a heart cry, a plea that rises from the depths of my soul. Lord, give me Kingdom eyes!!

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