Saturday, 8 June 2013

Last Post Before Home

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for reading my blog! Anyways just to catch everyone up.We have been working in schools all week. And this week, I had the privilege of working with younger kids and loved it. I hugged them all tightly before leaving and a few had to be pulled off of me hahah! Although yesterday we all worked with youth. It was easily the best day of the trip. The ride there was long and bumpy, but when we got there I got to share my testimony and the team sang worship songs with them. Afterwards, Pastor Bruce did a mini-sermon and asked if anyone wanted to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour. Over half the class put up their hand. So we all prayed the prayer together and then after we asked those who had put their hand up to stay behind so we could help them with the next steps in their faith. We split all who stayed into groups and each of us got our own group to encourage. I was able to encourage them in their faith and talk to them about the bible and how important it is to keep going in their faith no matter what their emotions were telling them. They seemed so eager to do good. They took my name and email, and writing address so I could keep in touch with them and encourage. God is so good, he just gave me the right words to say and I hope it touched alot of hearts. We left feeling very tired but very thankful for what the Lord had done! Today we are going to Brave's orphanage, he is one of the peer educators, and then we leave for Livingstone on Monday for a couple days before we fly out . In Livingstone we will be going to Victoria Falls, safaris and I will be able to hold a baby Lion! Hahah a great end to a perfect trip! Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

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