Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Waves

The waves toss and turn.
Back and forth, rippling over the vague image of what I used to be.
The waves can be of pleasant reassurance or a weapon used against me.
Can't I look back and smile?
Can't I swallow hard and take the steps one should take in order to cross that wretched bridge?
That bridge that is the cause of so many problems?

How can one, you may ask, cross a bridge when she is chained to one side?
It's simple... she can't.
Like the uprooting of a plant
So the intricacies of who I have become, loosen and surface
That chain becoming a thread, until it is no more and my steps over the bridge are attainable.

"Please pass over the bridge" you say, with sincerity in your eyes,
And concern in the pitch of your voice.
But the waves, are shifting over me, I am not strong enough yet.
Not strong enough to fight back to the shore.

Just wait
Just wait
This monster will leave.

Can't breathe deeply until my lungs gain capacity.
Waiting, can be growing too.
Collapsed, breathless, and out of tune.
My help has come, to tune me up,
and pluck me out of the waves.
I see the light in the distance, so with reverence I wait.
Soon I will be rid of these chains.

Original Work by Sarah Rhodes. copyright.

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